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Why buy new, we can transform your old piece of furniture into a unique piece, all you have to do is choose your colours, we will do the rest.

We can pick your furniture up and carry out the works at our workshops, or we can carry out the works in your home, the choice is yours.

Recycling is high on our agenda and we are passionate about minimising the level of waste that we create in our 'throw away society'.  Coupled with that is the appreciation of the workmanship of days gone by and Northney Decorators relish in the delight of transforming what was once a very unloved and neglected but well made item, into a much talked about, unique piece of furniture that can be cherished and loved for many more years to come.

Northney Decorators also sale a selection of items subtly distressed and hand painted with chalk paint in a shabby chic style.

Northney Decorators is all about the French style, we specialise in creating individual and unique pieces from English vintage furniture that you simply won't find anywhere else!

Each piece is carefully selected and chosen for its shape and style, regardless of how dated and 'old fashioned' it may appear.

Hand painted using chalk paints the furniture is given a wonderful chalky texture before being subtly waxed and distressed using specialist techniques resulting in fabulous shabby chic pieces.